[Spambayes] Using SpamByes In A Multi-Computer/Account?

John Abel john.abel at pa.press.net
Mon Jun 23 17:08:55 EDT 2003

Meyer, Tony wrote:

>I'm not sure if anyone is using Pspam - it certainly hasn't seen much
>updating recently.  I'm not really sure what it offers that pop3proxy
>doesn't, except perhaps avoiding using different ports.
>Is there any reason why you don't want to use multiple ports?
I'm lazy? :)  I'm using 3 machines, dragging mail off 7 POP3 accounts.  
I would prefer the shared DB, as I seem to get the majority of mail, 
it's more likely to stop dodgy content getting to my daughter's 
account.  After toying with POPFile, the idea of PSpam it just seemed 
easier to migrate my existing setup.  I may give it a whirl, and see 
what problems I come up against.



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