[Spambayes] so-called interview with a spammer

Brad Clements bkc at murkworks.com
Mon Jun 23 16:39:38 EDT 2003

I just got this email, I'm not sure if it's spam or not. Are these guys legit?

-- forwarded --

Dear Brad:

You’re invited to a first-ever webcast interview that will give you 
exclusive insight into the mentality and tactics of today’s leading 

"Interview with the Spammer"
*Sponsored by GroupLink and IntelliReach

Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Time: 12:00 PM US Eastern
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this email)

To sign-up for this webcast, go to:

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In an interactive, 1 hour webcast interview with Ronald Scelson, 
nicknamed "The Cajun Spammer", you will learn:

- What techniques he uses to continuously evade anti-spam 
- What users can do to stay one step ahead of spammers' changing 
- How Scelson plans to prosper despite the growing number of 
  anti-spam technologies 
- His opinions on upcoming legislation and how spammers will do 
  business if passed

Attend this live webcast and you'll have a unique opportunity to ask
Ronald your specific questions during an interactive Q&A session.

Don't miss this unprecedented opportunity to hear the thoughts and 
opinions of a spammer responsible for sending millions of unsolicited
email messages per day.

To sign-up for this free webcast, go to:


Jared Lord

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