[Spambayes] so-called interview with a spammer

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Jun 23 16:42:54 EDT 2003

The Great Carnack knows all!  Here are the answers so you don't need to
waste your time on the webcast:

    Brad> In an interactive, 1 hour webcast interview with Ronald Scelson,
    Brad> nicknamed "The Cajun Spammer", you will learn:

    Brad> - What techniques he uses to continuously evade anti-spam 
    Brad>   solutions

He drives slowly around LA in a white Ford Explorer, thus distracting the
anti-spam community who are riveted to CNN or news.google.com.

    Brad> - What users can do to stay one step ahead of spammers' changing 
    Brad>   tactics

Walk faster.

    Brad> - How Scelson plans to prosper despite the growing number of 
    Brad>   anti-spam technologies 

Only a small fraction of gullible users will ever be able to effectively
block spam because they use not just proprietary MUAs, but MUAs which often
don't run on their computer, thus rendering them completely helpless.

    Brad> - His opinions on upcoming legislation and how spammers will do 
    Brad>   business if passed

He has a realtor looking for property in the Carribean now.


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