[Spambayes] Troubleshooting guide

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Jun 24 18:35:46 EDT 2003

> Also I would have 
> expected you to find your Troubleshooting guide on your 
> information page were I got your e-mail address from, there 
> is nothing. So Were do I connect up to your Troubleshooting 
> guide?

The troubleshooting.html file was installed with Spambayes - it will be
in the docs directory in the directory that Spambayes was installed to.
It's normally accessible via the toolbar, but it's a good point that if
you are troubleshooting you might not be able to get to the toolbar!
I've updated the website to include a link to the "about" page and the
"troubleshooting" page for the Outlook plugin on the documentation
section of the website.

> How can I get this anti spam working?

The troubleshooting guide is the best place to start.  Note that there
are known problems with certain versions of Outlook - the "windows" page
on the website has details.  At least some of these should be fixed with
the next binary release (any day now).

=Tony Meyer

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