[Spambayes] Great product but...

Landry, David dlandry at guttmacher.org
Tue Jun 24 17:49:38 EDT 2003

SpamBayes is one of the best software programs I have ever used!

However the verion I downloaded two weeks ago at:



has a serious bug.  When we open a message and close it the message envelop
icon indicates the message is still unopened.  It is only after we open the
message a second time that the highlighting is turned off and the icon shows
an open rather than closed envelop.  This happens for every single message.


We are running SpamBayes on Win 2000 Clients with Outlook 2002, under
Exchange 5.5.  We have documented this on more than one PC and I believe
also in a slightly different environment.


I would like to deploy SpamBayes more widely and when it is bug free I would
gladly pay for it.  But until this bug is fixed we are stuck.  Any
suggestions would be appreciated, I'd love it, if there was some minor tweak
on our end that we could do to solve the problem.




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