[Spambayes] More info on Outlook 2003

Adam Walker adam.walker at rbwconsulting.com
Tue Jun 24 19:45:28 EDT 2003

After placing a large amount of print statements in Spambayes and win32all,
I can only say what you guys already know. The addin and command buttons
receive events, but the explorers and items collection do not receive events
under Outlook 2003. And I have no idea why.

In certain places the fully qualified names change a bit, for example...
OnConnection <win32com.gen_py.Microsoft Outlook 11.0 Object
Library._Application instance at 0x91161664>
folder <win32com.gen_py.Microsoft Outlook 11.0 Object Library.MAPIFolder
instance at 0x95497672>
<win32com.gen_py.Microsoft Outlook 11.0 Object Library._Items instance at
...and my personal fav...

I don't know if that is normal or what.
Also attempting to trap events (like OnNewMail or OnNewMailEx) on the
Application object crashes Outlook.

So, grabbing the trusty roll of duct-tape, I put some code at the end of
OnStartupComplete to call the ProcessMissedMessages method every 30 seconds
using the threading.Timer class. I know it's a hack, but it works pretty
good so far, until someone can figure out how to make OL2k3 pump events
properly. I need to get the source code returned to a more "normal" state
and dress the thing up a little more (options, checking item counts) and
submit a patch if no one objects.

Adam Walker
adam.walker at rbwconsulting.com
naw at bellsouth.net

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