[Spambayes] Troubleshooting guide

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Jun 25 11:41:51 EDT 2003

> I down loaded your Spam software, I have OUTLOOK XP, I
> rebooted the computer & nothing showed up indicating any form
> of SpamBayers window in the tool bar. Also I would have
> expected you to find your Troubleshooting guide on your
> information page were I got your e-mail address from, there
> is nothing. So Were do I connect up to your Troubleshooting
> guide? How can I get this anti spam working?
> I'm looking forward to stop people making me offers to look
> younger or extend a key sensitive body part.

We should have a link to the troubleshooting guide on the main pages, I

For now, simply open "about.html" in the SpamBayes directory, and follow the
obvious link.


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