[Spambayes] But will SpamBayes stop...

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Jun 24 22:11:50 EDT 2003

[Flaugher, Robert]
> We get a great deal of pornographic spam which is entirely an image
> file.

Really?  I never see any like that.  I expect it's really a small HTML
message with a URL pointing to an image file on the net.  This isn't an
empty distinction, because spambayes can see, tokenize, and score the URL
pointing to the image file.

> All of the text is a part of the image.  Will SpamBayes stop that?

There's no guarantee that spambayes will stop anything.  In my experience it
does quite well at stopping the kind of message I described above, although
I believe such messages have a better chance at scoring Unsure than messages
with spammy text.  You have to understand that spambayes doesn't try to
"stop spam":  it tries to distinguish ham from spam.  A message with nothing
in it but a URL doesn't have any hammy content, so at best such messages
tend to score Unsure.  The components of the URL usually looky spammy then,
and the email header lines (which all email messages have -- comes with the
terrority) are usually enough to nail it as spam.

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