[Spambayes] But will SpamBayes stop...

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Jun 25 14:18:28 EDT 2003

> [Flaugher, Robert]
> > We get a great deal of pornographic spam which is entirely an image 
> > file.

> Really?  I never see any like that.  I expect it's really a 
> small HTML message with a URL pointing to an image file on 
> the net.  This isn't an empty distinction, because spambayes 
> can see, tokenize, and score the URL pointing to the image file.

Note that if it is a message with a URL, then there is a potential
solution for this with the url following code (testtools/urlslurper.py).
There wasn't much in the way of testing results (mine only?) and some
question about the approach, so it's never been added to the main code,
but it could be, if this does become more common.

If it is actually an image, I was thinking the other day about adding
some tokens based on images.  Even relatively simple things like
checksums can be used to distinguish messages, so there might be a way
to tokenize the content of the image without taking too long.  (I then
gave up on the idea because I have too much to do already and extremely
few examples of this sort of spam, and because I don't have *any*
examples of ham like this).

=Tony Meyer

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