[Spambayes] Case Sensitivity

Lawrence J. McAuliffe lmcaulif at scsiweb.com
Wed Jun 25 14:20:15 EDT 2003


Just installed SpamBayes on the third computer in the office
(other two are working fine!) and noticed what I'd consider an
anomaly:  When setting the user defined "Spam" field in the Spam
& Possible Spam folder the percentages would not display.  Since
they did in the other installations, I started looking.  The only
thing that I could come up with is that on THIS computer, I set
the field header to "SPAM"; all uppercase.  When I changed it to
"Spam" mixed case, the percentages magically appeared.

We don't use these fields too often and so have minimal
experience with 'em.  Consequently I have to ask:  Is case
sensitivity expected behavior?

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