[Spambayes] Eudora 5.1 and Windoze

Ed Rubinsky edrubins at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 25 17:03:00 EDT 2003

Last March  tony-bayes at lownds.com wrote:
         >> Eudora can't use a different port for different accounts, they all
         >> have to use port 110. With a plugin, a port other than 110 can be
         >> used - but it is still used across accounts.

Actually Eudora can be configured to support multiple pop and smtp servers 
on different localhost ports - at least on Windows. You just can't do it 
from the Tools->Options menu. Eudora reads an Windows like ini file, 
eudora.ini, at startup. The format of this file is documented in the help 
files. Open Help-Topics, click on index and search on eudora.ini.

Under W2K (at least) eudora.ini is either in the eudora install directory 
or in the user's settings directory  depending on how you installed Eudora 
(C:\Documents and Settings\userid\Application 
Data\Qualcomm\Eudora\eudora.ini on my system.)

This is how to configure Eudora 5.1 and Spambayes under Windoze. Caution: 
make two copies of eudora.ini - eudora.orig and eudora.new, for example. 
Edit eudora.new. Close Eudora and copy the edited eudora.new to eudora.ini 
and then re-start eudora. If you need to go back to your original settings 
until you get it working with Spambayes, just close Eudora, copy 
eudora.orig to eudora.ini and restart Eudora.

Configure pop3proxy for each of Eudora's personalitiess' pop servers, 
specifying a separate port for each. I used 1110, 1120, 1130 and 1140 for 
the four personalities I have in Eudora. Do the same for smtpproxy - again 
I used 1115, 1125, 1135 and 1145.

To configure Eudora:
         Close Eudora.
         In eudora.new (or whatever you called it) find the section 
starting with [Settings]. This contains settings for the dominant personality.
         Find the line beggining POPAccount. The last part of the account 
name starting with '@' is the server. Change it to @localhost.
         Find the lines beggining SMTPServer and POPServer. They will have 
the server names defined for your dominant personality.
         Change both server names to localhost
         Add the following two lines. Use whatever ports you assigned to 
pop3proxy and smtpproxy for the dominant personality.

Setting for other personalities are kept in sections begging with 
[Persona-personality_name]. For each personality make the same changes as 
you made for the dominant personality, substituting the proper port numbers.

Copy eudora.new to eudora.ini and re-start Eudora. In the password dialog 
for each personality you should see localhost where you used to see the 
actual server name. You should see the X-Spambayes headers which you can 
filter on. In the web interface (localhost:8880) clicking in the Review 
messages link should show all message processed by Spambayes.

Hope this helps.

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