[Spambayes] Problem with 002 installer on Windows

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Jun 26 15:28:55 EDT 2003

> P.S. Is there a procedure to follow on updating the software? 
> Possibly from CVS?

You have three options:

(a) You can use the CVS version.  This means you don't get the nice
installer, but then it's not all that difficult to install anyway.  You
can then update via CVS and always be up to date.

(b) You can use the source release versions.  (i.e. alpha3 at the

(c) You can get each binary as it is released.

(b) doesn't really have much going for it.  (c) has the advantage that
you can be reasonably certain that there are no (major) bugs, and that
the release is well tested.  (a) has the advantage that you can get
improvements as soon as they are made (especially important if there is
a big delay between releases as is the case now), but the disadvantage
that cvs code could quite easily be buggy.

If you go the (a) way, then it's probably a good idea to subscribe to
the check-in list so that you can see what updates are made, and maybe
even flick through the -dev list occasionally.  If you go the (b) or (c)
way, then you should subscribe to the -announce list, as messages will
be posted there when new releases are available.  (Details about the
lists are on the website).

Hope this is of use.

=Tony Meyer

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