Pegasus Mail (was Re: [Spambayes] so-called interview with a spammer)

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at
Thu Jun 26 16:23:38 EDT 2003

> > > You see, my MUA doesn't yet support spambayes. I've been
> > > working with the developer to 
> > > get him to add the hooks I need. He says he will do it. So, 
> > > just a matter of time.
> > Can you say what MUA it is?
> I'm using a "free" MUA, Pegasus Mail.

I just checked and Pegasus Mail seems to work fine with pop3proxy,
including setting up a mail rule.

So you can definitely (AFAICT) use Spambayes at the moment.  If the
developer adds in hooks you can probably create some tightly integrated
solution like the Outlook plugin, but until then...

=Tony Meyer

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