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Michael K. Schummers mikes at members-insurance.com
Thu Jun 26 17:39:32 EDT 2003

First, many thanks to all for a great tool. I have Spambayes installed with
Outlook 2002 on Win XP and the installation went without a problem and the
initial training seemed very good. I have had a couple of classification
quirks which leads to this note. Two mail types seem to be hitting the
"unsure" category with high frequency. One is email from this forum which I
am training to be "ham" and I think this is starting to take. The other type
is "read responses" from Outlook messages. These virtually all are recieved
in the "unsure" category and when I highlight the message and hit the
"Recover from Spam" button, Spambayes tells me I do not have a message
selected. This seems to be unique to the "read response" messages. Have I
missed a setup option or is this a "quirk"/bug?
Michael K. Schummers
General Manager

(859) 455-7317
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