[Spambayes] problem with outlook xp

Strudwick, Scott sstrudwick at alltrista.com
Fri Jun 27 11:28:17 EDT 2003

I ran into the problem where outlook issued an error message: the following
add-in appears to have malfunctioned. Do you want to disable it? I answered
no on several occasions and on one of those occasions I accidentally
answered yes instead of no. Well, I couldn't find were to renable it. I
would go into tools, options, other, com-add ins and spambayes was listed
but would not allow me to check it. I searched in vain to find out were
outlook was disabling it but couldn't. I uninstalled spambayes and
re-installed to no avail. I reinstalled outlook to no avail. I eventually
had to go and uninstall spambayes, Microsoft office XP and actually go
through the entire registry for any entries with "spambayes" "python" and
"outlook" and remove them all. I then reinstalled office xp and then
spambayes. It is now working fine again. Not sure what caused this to happen
in the first place but just wanted to let you know. 
It was working perfectly as daily, I would go and check the possible spam
and the spam folders and I have only had 1 false positive. I now can't live
without it. I have been very cranky during this process as I missed your
product terribly. I am now happy once again.
Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work as I am now a staunch
supporter of Spambayes.
Scott Strudwick
IT Manager of Voice/Data Communications

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