[Spambayes] Auto-scan Outlook inbox at startup?

Patrick Frazer frazer at beacon.com
Fri Jun 27 17:54:41 EDT 2003

Followup to my own previous message:

After exploring the source code a bit it appears Outlook 2000 has some
startup event issues if it's set to display 'Outlook Today' upon startup.  I
set Outlook to display the calendar on startup and Spambayes processed
messages in my IMAP inbox upon startup.


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I'm using Spambayes with Outlook 2000 on WinXP.  (1.0a3 source distribution)
It works beautifully except that when I open Outlook first thing in the
morning the 300 or so spams that accumulated overnight aren't filtered by
Spambayes.  (Yes, I said 300.  I get nearly 450 a day)  Any new mail that
arrives after Outlook initializes is properly filtered.  My solution so far
has been to perform a manual filter pass each time I start Outlook, but that
's cumbersome.  I'm using Outlook in 'Internet mail only' mode with an IMAP
server.  I suspect that might be where the problem lies.  (The IMAP part,
that is)

Does anyone who is familiar with the code know why Outlook might not trigger
Spambayes when it first loads the contents of an IMAP folder?  It's almost
as if Outlook doesn't consider the unread contents of my inbox at startup to
be 'new'.

Any suggestions or pointers to the relevant segments of code would be
appreciated.  Thanks!


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