[Spambayes] pop3proxy.py won't execute on *nix - Windows LF/CR

sean darcy seandarcy at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 29 13:06:57 EDT 2003

I've got spambayes 1.0a3, on a linux machine.

When I run po3proxy.py I get this error:

: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

This is because the first line is not:

#!/usr/bin/python LF

but actually ( in Windows style):

#!/usr/bin/python LF/CR

bash looks for an executable that ends in LF , which it doesn't find. 
Windows works either way, obviously.

I fixed it by just deleting from the comments to python, and reentering.

It's a nasty one, because you don't see it on editors.

Thanks to Cameron Simpson for figuring it out.

In any event, can we fix it for 1.0?


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