[Spambayes] no messages to review

Adam Endicott adam at sciencemedia.com
Mon Jun 30 13:50:28 EDT 2003

I just ran across spambayes, and I'm eager to try it out. I believe that I 
got it all set up correctly. I'm using Eudora, so I'm running the pop3 
proxy. It seems to be working as far as I can tell, everything is getting 
classified as unsure, which is what I would expect (headers are getting set 
correctly). However, messages aren't showing up for review. Actually that's 
not entirely accurate. At first nothing was showing up (I sent myself a 
couple of test emails, and they didn't show up in the web interface review 
messages page). At this time I had only set up the pop3 server, not the 
smtp server. So I tried setting up the smtp server through the web 
interface, and it said it was successful. Next I attempted to set eudora to 
send to the smtp proxy, but I keep getting errors saying it can't find 
localhost (I tried both localhost and localhost:25 as the smtp server 
address in eudora, neither worked...I don't know much about how email 
servers work, so I could be way off here, but "localhost" works fine for 
the pop3 server in eudora). Anyway, after I set that, the four emails I had 
received to that time (2 from me, 2 spam) showed up in review messages. I 
classified the two spams as spam. I have since set my smtp server in eudora 
back to what it originally was.

I have now received 4 more emails that aren't showing up on the review 
messages page. All I see are the two test emails to myself that I haven't 
classified. Am I missing something? I'm running python 2.2.2 on windows 98SE.

Any help fixing either the review messages problem or the smtp server 
problem would be greatly appreciated.

Adam Endicott

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