[Spambayes] Outlook plugin doesn't want to filter while on dialup

klassa at nc.rr.com klassa at nc.rr.com
Sun Mar 2 20:26:13 EST 2003

>>>>> On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, "Tim" == Tim Peters wrote:

  Tim> It shouldn't matter, and I routinely run Outlook + spambayes via
  Tim> cable modem and via dialup on the same machine without trouble.
  Tim> IOW, I bet that when you get back to a broadband connection, it
  Tim> still won't work, that somehow it's turned itself off, or can't get
  Tim> started.  Open PythonWin and then

  Tim> Tools -> Trace Collector Debugging Tool

  Tim> before starting Outlook and see if any interesting msgs appear in
  Tim> PythonWin's Python Trace Collector window.  No msgs at all count as
  Tim> "interesting" too <wink>.

Output enclosed, below.  This was with no mail to process, of course,
but everything looks fine.

What I'm noticing (now that I'm back at home, in the land of broadband...
as God intended it to be :-)) is that I'm suddenly getting more false
negatives.  That is, SB *does* appear to be filtering, but more spam is
getting through than got through just a couple of days ago.  Significantly
more.  I can't imagine that spam changed that much just overnight. :-)

I'll keep an eye on this...


Thanks for the reply!


Outlook Spam Addin module loading
SpamAddin - Connecting to Outlook
Loaded bayes database from 'd:\Program Files\SpamBayes\Outlook2000\default_bayes_database.pck'
Loaded message database from 'd:\Program Files\SpamBayes\Outlook2000\default_message_database.pck'
Bayes database initialized with 259 spam and 598 good messages
AntiSpam: Watching for new messages in folder Inbox
AntiSpam: Watching for new messages in folder Spam
Processing 0 missed spam in folder 'Inbox' took 0.600076ms

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