[Spambayes] Server error when training in POP3proxy

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Mar 4 14:09:02 EST 2003

    >> I checked in a change to tokenizer.py yesterday evening which should
    >> robustify things a bit.  Please "cvs up" and give it a whirl.

    Jeremy> I'm looking at the checkin comment for tokenizer, and I think it
    Jeremy> won't work.  If you look at the traceback we provided, it shows
    Jeremy> that the tokenizer isn't involved.  The proxy is calling
    Jeremy> email.Header.decode_header() directly.  On the failure in
    Jeremy> question, it isn't even calling it on a header :-).

I was working off the traceback I got which wasn't from pop3proxy.  In my
checkin comment I wrote:

    These two may not be the only places requiring a change.  Anywhere
    email.Header.decode_header() is called - particularly when passed a
    subject or email address - should probably be guarded.

I don't regularly run pop3proxy, so couldn't easily check any changes I'd
make to that code.  Still, the try/except structure should be similar.


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