[Spambayes] Database corruption [WAS] pop3proxy crashes

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Thu Mar 6 21:07:26 EST 2003

3/6/2003 3:12:43 PM, "D. R. Evans" <N7DR at arrisi.com> wrote:

>On 6 Mar 2003 at 9:50, Tim Stone - Four Stones Expre wrote:
>> Nearly as I can tell, your training database has been corrupted.  I'm
>> not quite sure how this happened, but from what I see in the code, there
>> is likely no recovery at this point.  When you submit a bug report, go
>> ahead and attach your training database.

The database is definitely corrupted.  This is the first time I've seen this.  
The 'saved state' key in the database (where spamcount and hamcount are 
maintained) has a corrupt value, that kills the unpickler.

There are >88,000 words in this database, and apparently the machine was 
rebooted without a proper shutdown.  This is bad.

D.R. I need you to do a couple things:

If you have the spam and ham saved in an mbox or something, then you can 
simply delete the database files and retrain from scratch.  This would be the 
best alternative.  If this isn't the case, if you can remember, or figure out 
some way, how many spams and hams were trained into this database, I can 
recover it for you.  Even a rough estimate will likely do. 

And... can you tell me, if you know, what dbm module is in use?  Maybe someone 
can give us a few lines of python you can run that will tell us that info.  
It's too late for me to bring it to mind...

c'est moi - TimS

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