[Spambayes] Outlook Express integration

Chris Lowe spambayes_discussion at cklowe.com
Sat Mar 8 02:43:11 EST 2003


I'm a newbie in all sorts of ways, so please forgive me for being crass

I've managet to get Spambayes working with Outlook Express, but it isn't
pretty.  Details are here:


Basically I've changed the hammie_header_name to 'To', so OE can filter on
it.  A few minor mods to pop3proxy.py were required because there's usually
another 'To' header present.

I personally think the HTML interface is OK for training, but I can see the
obvious attraction of an intgrated solution as offered by the Outlook

The technique also seems to work OK with Netscape, but then again netscape
can cope OK with 'X-Spambayes-Classification' as a custom header.

Would you be so kind as to offer some suggestions on how I could improve


Chris Lowe

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