[Spambayes] Database corruption [WAS] pop3proxy crashes

D. R. Evans N7DR at arrisi.com
Sat Mar 8 08:31:03 EST 2003

On 6 Mar 2003 at 21:07, Tim Stone - Four Stones Expre wrote:

> 3/6/2003 3:12:43 PM, "D. R. Evans" <N7DR at arrisi.com> wrote:
> >On 6 Mar 2003 at 9:50, Tim Stone - Four Stones Expre wrote:
> >
> >> Nearly as I can tell, your training database has been corrupted.  I'm
> >> not quite sure how this happened, but from what I see in the code,
> >> there is likely no recovery at this point.  When you submit a bug
> >> report, go ahead and attach your training database.
> The database is definitely corrupted.  This is the first time I've seen
> this.  The 'saved state' key in the database (where spamcount and
> hamcount are maintained) has a corrupt value, that kills the unpickler.
> There are >88,000 words in this database, and apparently the machine was
> rebooted without a proper shutdown.  This is bad.

I plugged my handspring into a USB port to do a sync (as usual) and the 
machine completely froze (not as usual). Dead. Could no longer even 
reach it from other machines on the network. So I had to power down.

However, I do note that I was NOT doing any spambayes-related 
operations at the time (unless pop3proxy goes off and does things in 
the background, which I don't think it does).

> D.R. I need you to do a couple things:
> If you have the spam and ham saved in an mbox or something, then you can
> simply delete the database files and retrain from scratch.  This would
> be the best alternative.  If this isn't the case, if you can remember,
> or figure out some way, how many spams and hams were trained into this
> database, I can recover it for you.  Even a rough estimate will likely
> do. 

I'll just reinstall and start all over again. Not a problem. Almost 
certainly much easier than having you try to reconstruct the database.

> And... can you tell me, if you know, what dbm module is in use?  Maybe
> someone can give us a few lines of python you can run that will tell us
> that info.  It's too late for me to bring it to mind...

If someone can post how to find that out, I'll gladly run it.


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