[Spambayes] full o' spaces

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Mar 9 08:25:45 EST 2003

    Tim> Jeremy and Guido were both recipients of cunning spam this system
    Tim> couldn't stop: the spam took the form of replies to msgs they
    Tim> posted to public mailing lists, reproducing their original subject
    Tim> line and a quotes from the bodies of their msgs....  That's the
    Tim> cleverest attack I've seen, but it happened last year and I haven't
    Tim> heard of it happening again.

Perhaps the cost to create such spam outweighs the potential benefit.  You
have to maintain a fair amount of information about the people you want to
spam.  In addition, it's not at all obvious that the people who post to
public mailing lists and newsgroups:

    * cover the list of candidate spam recipients very well, or

    * that they are the sorts of people who would be scammed by bigger
      manhood or MLM come-ons.

Maybe it was just a test by a spammer which returned a negative result and
was thus abandoned.


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