[Spambayes] spaced out spam

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Mar 9 08:28:55 EST 2003

    Tim> Skip later reported that running an up-to-date classifier nailed it
    Tim> as spam despite the absence of body clues:

    Tim>     http://mail.python.org/pipermail/spambayes/2003-March/003834.html

    Tim> I think that last report was also a bit suspicious, though, as the
    Tim> clue listing appeared to contain hapaxes unique to the msg being
    Tim> scored (suggesting that the msg had already been trained on as
    Tim> spam); e.g.,

    Tim>           'message-id:@hkgioexchange1.corp.giordano.com.hk': 0.84;

Well, yes.  It was reported as unsure.  As is my normal practice, I saved it
to my spam collection and trained on it later.  That doesn't negate all the
other clues which were originally missing.  I believe I explained that I was
mixing apples and oranges, comparing the debug header info generated on one
(out-of-date) machine with the classification header generated on my (much
more up-to-date) laptop.


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