[Spambayes] full o' spaces

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Mar 9 15:44:21 EST 2003

[Tim Stone]
> Can I plead nocturnal insanity?  Maybe it was all the housecleaning fluid
> fumes...

Only if you mainlined them <wink>.

> Ok, I train on virtually every piece of mail that comes into my
> notes inbox.  the ratio is about 10:1 spam:ham.  I currently have about
> 600 spam trained into the database.

Implying that you've trained on a total of about 60 ham?  If so, that's very
light training (for this system).

> I still get maybe 10%-15% unsure, invariably on spam.  I virtually
> never have a FP.

Peculiar!  Try turning on the experimental imbalance adjustment just to see
what happens.  I don't expect it will help, but I wouldn't have expected the
outcome you're getting either.

> Maybe I just need to adjust the spam cutoff...

Can't guess from here.

> Mainly thinking out loud, and bemoaning the fact that I've annoyed my
> namesake.

Na, acting irritated is just fun for Tims <wink>.

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