[Spambayes] Bytes/words ratio

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Mar 9 16:30:42 EST 2003

[Stephen Anderson]
> Okay Tim, I just can't take it anymore.  My curiosity has gotten
> the best of me.  Would you  please ask your sisters to email me a
> sample of one of their very pretty HTML emails you keep referring
> to.

Nope -- if they sent email to people they didn't grow up with, they'd get a
spam problem.  They have no presence in CyberSpace -- not even google can
find them <wink>.

> I have a sister too, but her HTML emails are almost indistinguishable
> in presentation from that of a plain-text one.  So, can you help me
> with my burning question:  Just what does pretty email look like?

It helps if your sister is an artist, can use image and sound manipulation
programs, and doesn't pay much attention to copyright notices on web sites.
One of my sisters even taught herself (just) enough about Java to reuse Java
applets, specifying different parameters.  A pretty email is a coordinated
combination of sound and color or images, and sometimes animation.  At the
guts-of-the-HTML level, it has a lot in common with fancy spam.  At the
human level, though, it's pleasing (or even poignant) instead of obnoxious.
I don't know how to automate telling the difference.

When MSN first started, there used to be a lot of that on their proprietary
newsgroups too.  Dialup speed pretty much killed it (along with MSN's
attempts to sell proprietary "rich" content).

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