[Spambayes] SpamBayes

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Mar 9 15:35:07 EST 2003

    Dan> It seems you haven't programmed any sort of graceful recovery when
    Dan> any data file becomes missing or corrupted, but just crash the
    Dan> script altogether.  

In the face of a corrupt database, all I think we could do is toss out the
database and work with no clues.  Every message would wind up "unsure" with
a score of 0.50.  Is that acceptable to you?

    Dan> Once, the proxy wouldn't even start at all due to some data error
    Dan> and I had to wipe its data files out entirely and start over.

In think that's about all it could do automatically.

    Dan> Other times (like when the virus scanner kills a message in between
    Dan> it being downloaded and being reviewed for ham/spam training
    Dan> purposes), a message will show in the list of messages to review,
    Dan> but when you try to do anything with it, the program crashes.  

I think this could be more easily recovered from.

    Dan> This process needs improving to reach a level of robustness needed
    Dan> to use in a production environment rather than just for testing and
    Dan> experimentation purposes.



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