[Spambayes] Outlook Express integration

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Mar 10 12:16:24 EST 2003

> I've managet to get Spambayes working with Outlook Express, 
> but it isn't pretty.

Well, nor is OE :)

> Basically I've changed the hammie_header_name to 'To', so OE 
> can filter on
> it.  A few minor mods to pop3proxy.py were required because 
> there's usually another 'To' header present.

I note from the wiki that you're using a2.  Spambayes can now add classification information in the subject line (add "pop3proxy_notate_subject: True" to your config file).  This should avoid having to use the 'To' header, with all the inherant problems.

> I personally think the HTML interface is OK for training, but 
> I can see the obvious attraction of an intgrated solution as
> offered by the Outlook plug-in.

There are two (main) problems.  One is that integration into clients is a *lot* of work, and there are a *lot* of clients around.  The other is that OE is such a limited client that just about any integration is either impossible, or even more work.

> Would you be so kind as to offer some suggestions on how I 
> could improve this?

1. Get the latest CVS. (I'm thinking that it's time for a3, anyway, especially once the gary_ stuff is gone).
2. Try using pop3proxy_notate_subject - you'll have to rewrite your rules, but it should work better.
3. Try using the smtpproxy (see below).
4. Send your comments & ideas back to the list :)

SMTPProxy (maybe something should be added to the docs?)
This is an alternative method for training, which really needs evaluation.  Setup is just like pop3proxy - go to http://localhost:8880 and in the options put your normal smtp server(s) and port(s).  In OE, set the outgoing SMTP server to localhost.

You can now train by forwarding/bouncing mail to special addresses - these default to spambayes_ham at localhost and spambayes_spam at localhost, but you can set them to whatever you like (smtpproxy_ham_address and smtpproxy_spam_address in your config file).  No need to regularly go to the config web page at all.

Note that the smtpproxy is, by default, not active - you'll need to configure it.  Note also, that since OE doesn't treat headers nicely, you'll need to set pop3proxy_add_mailid_to to "body".

Finally, to start the smtpproxy, add "-s" when you start pop3proxy (i.e. "pop3proxy -s", if you don't use any other options).

Hope this helps :)

=Tony Meyer

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