[Spambayes] Bytes/words ratio

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Mar 9 21:31:43 EST 2003

[Tim Stone]
> Saaaaaaaayyyy.... so all this stuff about needing to be easy
> enough for your sisters was just so much smoke?  <wink**2>

Heh -- you're confusing me with the "ease of use" people.  The only effect
this project will have on my siblings is in whether their email gets
unjustly blocked by someone *else* as spam.  Toward avoiding that outcome, I
don't want to penalize HTML mail just for using HTML.  I expect it's not
possible to make this (or any other visible) system easy enough for them to
*use*-- themselves --with Outlook Express.  If they had spam problems (which
they don't), I'd urge them to switch to Outlook and use Mark's spiffy addin.
I'm pretty sure they could use that one (one sister on her own, the other
with some long-distance phone coaching).

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