[Spambayes] FW: Mhammond, Intelligent antispam IER software

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Mar 9 22:39:54 EST 2003

[Mark Hammond]
> I had to share this irony :)
> I received this spam, selling anti-spam software!  I was a little
> dissapointed that spambayes scored it as only a "maybe".

Whereas when I got the same spam, I was disappointed to see it scored as
spam!  I like checking out the competition <wink>.

> So I checked the clues - the top 6 ham clues were:
> word                                spamprob         #ham  #spam
> '*H*'                               0.0438937           -      -
> '*S*'                               0.78226             -      -

Those two lines imply the overall score was in the high 80s -- do you have
your spam cutoff set to 90?  (Mine is at 80, BTW -- but then I still look at
every new spam every day, and have no fear of FP)
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