[Spambayes] Confused

Joseph Conrad joe at rockymountains.net
Sun Mar 9 20:59:08 EST 2003


I have a system running the pop3proxy, it's amazingly accurate with very 
little training.  I would like to integrate into  our postfix SMTP 
server as and incomming filter.  It looks simple enough, I already run 
virus scanning.  The thing I am not getting is hammiesrv, when I try to 
run it I get:

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'DEFAULTDB'

I have looked at the documentation, there really not much more than an a 
quick mention of hammiesrv.

I'm not at all familiar with python, but I suspect that if someone could 
drop me a hint I could take it from there.

Joseph Conrad

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