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Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Mon Mar 10 08:11:40 EST 2003

3/9/2003 3:35:07 PM, Skip Montanaro <skip at pobox.com> wrote:

>    Dan> This process needs improving to reach a level of robustness needed
>    Dan> to use in a production environment rather than just for testing and
>    Dan> experimentation purposes.

D.R.Evans had a database corruption similar to this a while back.  This is 
going to be an ongoing problem.  I believe we should append records to a log 
file each time a message is trained.  The spamcount and hamcount (at least) 
should be logged, so it can be recovered.  Perhaps even the tokens being 
trained should be logged, but that might make the log quite large...

c'est moi - TimS

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