[Spambayes] Perhaps a level header would be useful?

Tony Lownds tony-bayes at lownds.com
Tue Mar 11 16:59:22 EST 2003

At 10:11 AM +1300 3/12/03, Meyer, Tony wrote:
>Does Skip's proposal sound ok?

Yes, sounds like a good idea.

>Personally, I prefer the current method of mailid.  Originally it 
>was like this (for perhaps 24 hours), but there are already way too 
>many options.  So I dropped the T/F add_to_body option and changed 
>the add to a string.  Shouldn't matter to developers, and end-users 
>should have a nice GUI hiding it all anyway.

I see what you mean. Maybe someone will want mailid to appear at the 
front of the e-mail body, or maybe in the subject, or....

>  > BTW, I'm pretty excited about the mailid stuff you have done. Being
>>  able to correct a single message without seeing all of my mail again
>  > will be great.
>We aim to please ;)

Great stuff!


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