[Spambayes] [OT] Converting Outlook MSGs to mbox

Joel Ricker joel at prettyhipprogramming.com
Tue Mar 11 21:57:15 EST 2003

Hi all,

I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with converting Outlook's
e-mail message format into mbox or other format.  My problem is that
I've tried using the Outlook Spambayes add-in but it didn't quite work.
It's more than likely my installation of Outlook rather than the add-in.
My Outlook install flakes out from time to time.  The plugin installed
ok and I was able to define my corpus and it started to working.
However, the next time I brought up Outlook, the plug-in was gone and it
won't let me reinstall for some reason.

So for stability's sake and plus as a solution in case I ever decide to
use a different e-mail program, I decided to try the pop3proxy script.
I've got two large folders with my  (corpii?) but Outlook appears to use
some proprietary storage of some sort for the e-mails.  I can save the
messages as text, as long as I do them one at a time and it doesn't
store all of the message headers, only From, To, Subject, and Date.

Has anybody seen a converter for this MSG format?  


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