[Spambayes] pop3proxy HEADER_EXAMPLE and HEADER_FORMAT

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Mar 12 16:44:15 EST 2003

Is Richie around at the moment?  I get the feeling he would be most help here.  TimS maybe?

An issue that Tony Lownds brought up is that pop3proxy currently has HEADER_EXAMPLE, which is used in response to a pop3 STAT or LIST command to calculate the new size of the message, in case the mailer needs to know, and asks.

With the new headers, this is a problem.  Level and MailId are easy enough, but evidence (i.e. hammie_debug) could be just about any size.

What's the collective answer?  I do recall from previous messages that Richie was originally much more careful about making things the right size ("No " and "Yes", for example), and then IIRC decided to give this up and fix it if anyone broke.

Do any mailers use STAT or LIST for something important like allocating a certain amount of memory?

Advice appreciated :)

Along similar lines, HEADER_FORMAT used to define the header format, which is now hard coded.  Should the decision be to wipe HEADER_FORMAT out, or to have a HEADER_FORMAT for each header?  (This could go into the header module that TimS is building).  It stoped being used at r1.36, without any comments in the checkin about why (it was a big checkin, though).

=Tony Meyer

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