[Spambayes] Windows service version of pop3proxy available

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Mar 13 09:44:20 EST 2003

> If there's now a windows directory for all windows specific
> stuff, does this mean that the Outlook directory will move into
> that?  Given that the plugin (apparently) works for Outlook 2k2,
> the directory could be renamed, anyway.  Outlook isn't available
> on any other platforms, right?  (I believe MS have said that the
> mac Outlook is being dropped and exchange support being built
> into entourage).

I thought of the top-level "windows" directory being a kind of "helper", but
not containing complete applications.  Eg, pop3proxy_service just hooks on
the back of pop3proxy, but I don't think it makes sense to have in the
top-level directory.  Things like the installer script etc also make sense

The outlook plugin is a large, stand-alone application, and IMO should be in
its own directory.  I don't really mind if this was moved to *under* the
windows directory, but I see no real need.

I'd still much rather see the top-level directory cleaned up even more, with
pop3proxy and hammie getting their own, application specific directories.
In this case, pop3proxy_service in the pop3proxy directory makes more sense,
and this "windows" directory could be replaced with one simply for the


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