[Spambayes] Spambayes installation problem

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Mar 13 11:34:45 EST 2003

Sorry I haven't replied yet.  I have no clue :(  The existing plugin still
redirects all messages to Pythonwin, so to see any debug output you will
need Python+win32all.

I think I will hack together a simple "redirect log to file" when run from
the installer.  I'm currently upgrading the HTML so that users who stumble
on it and aren't real geeks can get it going easily.


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> To: Geoff Moyle
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> Subject: RE: [Spambayes] Spambayes installation problem
> > Its definitely outlook
> > yep std toolbar
> > yes reinstalled
> > yes I do have another plugin installed which is the avg virus
> > checker. this
> > is the only diff between machines so I am assuming that this
> > is probably the problem.
> Well, I installed version 6.0 (build 645) of the free AVG virus
> checker, then the plugin, and it seems ok for me.  If you have a
> different version of the checker, then it still might be that.
> Mark: FYI the AVG virus checker does integrate with Outlook - a
> button appears on the standard toolbar.
> > Any advice
> Two things:
> * Wait for Mark to come up with the answer ;)  Seriously, while I
> know a little about the Outlook plugin, I know almost nothing
> about the installer, and he knows everything ;) about both.
> * See if the CVS version works for you.  This is much more
> complicated, though - you'll need Python installed, and to do an
> anonymous checkout of the source.
> Sorry I haven't been more use (yet!).
> =Tony Meyer
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