[Spambayes] wanted: malformed email messages.

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Mar 13 22:28:29 EST 2003

[Fredrik Rodland]
> I'd love to - but as I wrote in my other post - outlook (which is
> the MUA I use at the moment ) fixes these messages, so that they don't
> fail anymore.
> does anybody have any tips on how to save/send a message with all of it's
> origianl content from outlook (2000)?

Outlook doesn't store the original content, so it's not possible.  Just look
at the code in the Outlook2000 directory of this project to see all the pain
it takes to partially reconstruct the original!  Outlook simply wasn't
designed with current Internet email standards in mind, and scatters the
message it gets into a large number of fields and properties that seem
originally designed for a proprietary MS email format.  Some things can't be
recovered at all (e.g., the original MIME armor is *almost* always lost).

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