[Spambayes] Spambayes installation problem

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Mar 14 17:26:47 EST 2003

[I'm throwing this back to the list in the hope that someone will have a good idea]

To summarise: Geoff is unable to get the Outlook plugin running.  He's using the installer that Mark put together.  It goes through and creates the C:\Program Files\Outlook Plugin\ directory (whatever it is called), and it also seems to register the COM plugin since it appears in Outlook's list of such plugins.  However, when opening Outlook, the GUI doesn't appear.  The trace window shows nothing (not even the "loading" lines).

Geoff does have a couple of other plugins that might be causing the problem.  One is a virus checker called AVG, which adds a button to the toolbar and adds text to messages.  I installed the free version of this (6.0), but the spambayes plugin still worked for me.  Geoff might be using a different version of AVG, however.  He also has a synronisation plugin.

IIRC Mark did say that the installer would fail if there was already a COM plugin that was written in Python.  Is there any chance that either of these might be?

> It is in the COM add-ins but its checkbox is not ticked. Ticking and
> reloading makes no difference.
It should definately be ticked.  Just to check, after you tick it, and close & reopen Outlook, are you looking at a mail folder (like the Inbox) and not something else (like Outlook Today)?  The items won't appear until you do.

> However there is a synchronisation add-in which I believe is 
> from a palm pde
Ticked, or unticked?

Unless someone on the list has ideas, the only one I have left is that Geoff progresses past the nice package Mark put together and gets the CVS version.

=Tony Meyer

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