[Spambayes] Email Certificates of Approval

T. Alexander Popiel popiel at wolfskeep.com
Thu Mar 13 21:23:56 EST 2003

In message:  <a05210232ba96d114ee44@[]>
             Robert Woodhead <trebor at animeigo.com> writes:
>>On the latency issue [...]
>You're missing something.  From the standpoint of an enduser, it 
>doesn't matter how fast the spam gets to his mailserver.  All that 
>matters is how long it is between the start of the spam run and the 
>time his mailreader downloads the email from the mailserver and 
>checks its reputation.  For most email users, this averages several 
>hours, enough time for the earlybirds who check their email every 5 
>minutes to vote on the reputation.

So... the people who form the basis for the judgements of the
system (those that check their email every 5 minutes) are exactly
those people who get no benefit from it (because there hasn't
yet been enough input to form a good judgement).  Sounds like
there's no incentive to participate and actually make the system

It also doesn't do a bloody thing for those of us who get their
mail delivered realtime to the *nix mailserver with procmail
segregating it into MH mailboxes (or similar).  Yeah, I know it's
horribly anachronistic to actually have a login account on the
mailserver and not use POP or IMAP... but it's far easier to
grep through 30000 message mailboxes that way.  I suppose there's
not many of us classic users left, though.

- Alex

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