[Spambayes] Outlook 2002

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Mar 19 15:56:09 EST 2003

> (this list comprises over half of my daily ham).                      
> spam. 0.00310559006211                                                
> anti-spam 0.0115681233933                                             
> spam 0.0223177887819                                                  
> spam, 0.0392551056175                                                 
> subject:antispam 0.0505617977528                                      
> spam.if 0.0652173913043                                               
Perhaps you should train less on this list and more on the remaining    
ham you have? More ham isn't necessarily better, if the ham contains    
a lot of spam clues (as I understand it). Presumably these six clues    
(even the odd 'spam.if' clue) resulted from training on this list.      

> espacially 0.0652173913043                                            
> aritificial 0.0918367346939                                           
It seems quite strange to me that these two misspelled words score so   
low. Do you get a lot of ham that has poorly spelled words?             

> ©2002-2003 0.0652173913043                                            
This also seems strange; do you really have a lot of ham with this sort 
of copyright info?                                                      

> v1.5 0.0652173913043                                                  
Or this version number?                                                 

> url:buy 0.0652173913043                                               
Or email with 'buy' in an embedded URL?                                 

> theverybest 0.0918367346939                                           
> darksoft 0.0918367346939                                              
These seem even stranger. I didn't read the email, but Darksoft is the  
manufacturer, right? Any idea what ham contributed such low scores to   
these words?                                                            

It almost looks to me like you have a similar email in your ham
somewhere that was mistrained - I don't seem how a lot of these clues
could result from this list.

=Tony Meyer

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