[Spambayes] Beta status checklist (or this turning into new f eature requests?)

Cunningham, Andy acunningham at rsasecurity.com
Wed Mar 19 10:22:14 EST 2003

I'd add the Outlook Binary installer as a part of the release.  I think this
is going to make a huge difference to takeup within the Windows world - it
will be a pre-requisite for any kind of corporate use.... 

What are people's thoughts on some kind of predefined training database
(like ham/spam terms that appear in more than x% of submitted training

The other feature that I personally like to see is the ability to send an
NDR when the message is identified as definitely being spam - what are
peoples thoughts on this?


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>So, to start off:                                                       
>* Much better documentation for the SMTP proxy training option.
* Incorporation of integration.txt (and probably other text files) into the 
website, and maybe a review of the mailing list for faq type information

* Installation with some level of migration from previous release.

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