[Spambayes] Outlook addin delay in updating and resetting unread

David Bolen db3l at fitlinxx.com
Wed Mar 19 11:32:37 EST 2003

I know this has come up in the past on this list, but I just installed
the most recent installer-based version of the Outlook addin-in on a
co-worker's machine, and am seeing the problem pretty consistently,
whereas before it was more hit or miss (or so I thought).  Originally
I thought more so than on my own machine, but after paying more
attention, I now seem to be able to reproduce this consistently on my
machine too - not sure if this is easier with the installer-version
(which I just switched to trying, having been using the source release
up to now).

The behavior is that when a new message arrives, it shows as new in
Outlook (this is Outlook with a corporate Exchange server), but the
spam column is not filled in (the behavior occurs with or without
display of the column, but it's easy to see with the column present).
The log file shows that the message has been classified so it
certainly seems to be an Outlook issue.

We've waited for over a minute with no change.  If you interact with
Outlook in various ways (switch to a different folder and back, often
just opening the message or creating a reply) the field will update,
but at the same time the message gets remarked as unread even if you
had just opened it and marked it read.

This of course is annoying to the user because they're currently
reading the message but it will still show as unread when they are

Interestingly enough, whatever latency or update problem exists is
always behind by one message - if a new message arrives, the prior
message will have its Spam field updated.  If the newly arrived
message is filtered by the addin, it does move or take whatever
operation, so again the filter appears to be running.

It seems clear that this is some latency issue with Outlook updating
the status of a message - it's not clear if resetting the read bit is
because the delayed status includes an explicit unread bit, or if
outlook is just refreshing the status of the message as of the delayed

I'm going to switch back to the source version to see if its just as
reproduceable there (or if I just got used to it without realizing it)
to play around a little, but was wondering if anyone had any other
ideas or knew of any workarounds for my co-worker in the meantime?


-- David

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