[Spambayes] Beta status checklist (not new feature requests!)

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Mar 20 10:22:28 EST 2003

> > Add the Outlook binary installer as part of the release?  Absolutely!
> I've discussed this with TimS off-list, but what's the general
> consensus here?
> (History-wise, I believe that alpha1 didn't have the plugin, but
> alpha2 does, and alpha3 will).
> I *don't* think that the Outlook plugin should be part of a beta
> release.  The installer that Mark's created does a much better
> job, I think, and only installs those bits that the plugin needs,
> not pop3proxy and all the rest.
> IMO, a (potential) user should download *either* the Outlook
> installer, *or* a beta release of everything else.

Sounds fine to me - except I would raise the bar a little - why not make a
pop3propxy *binary* release for Windows too - then the problem becomes moot-
on Windows you get a binary.

I realize time is an issue, so this strategy sounds OK for beta2, but maybe
we could aim for a beta3 with binaries before v1.


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