[Spambayes] Beta status checklist (or this turning into new feature requests?)

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Mar 19 17:43:49 EST 2003

    Tony> [Andy Cunningham]
    >> What are people's thoughts on some kind of predefined training
    >> database (like ham/spam terms that appear in more than x% of
    >> submitted training databases)?

    Tony> To add my 2c, since I haven't previously, I would say that this is
    Tony> a *bad idea*, unless a system is developed to expunge this
    Tony> pre-defined set at some point after the user has collected their
    Tony> own data.

My 2c...  I am currently manually training for a couple other people here at
Northwestern.  I do want to get more victims^H^H^H^H^H^H^H early adopters,
but it generally seems to be working pretty well.  I had to encourage them a
little to send me ham which was correctly classified (spam is no problem, I
have fountains full of the stuff).  I think they seemed to expect the system
to work properly from the get-go and were only sending me stuff that was
misclassified or which wound up marked unsure.  Accordingly, they were a bit
confused at a few of the mistakes it made.  At the moment I have just 152
hams and 135 spams in the training database.  Things seem to be working okay
though I haven't been tracking it in any formal sense, just in the sense
that they aren't complaining. ;-)


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