[Spambayes] Beta status checklist (or this turning into newfe ature requests?)

Cunningham, Andy acunningham at rsasecurity.com
Thu Mar 20 09:11:07 EST 2003

I wonder if something like the following would work:

1) Each user has a private spam database stored on the server.
2) A scheduled task will compute some kind of "average" of the databases.
This might include some kind of threshold (e.g., if more than 20% of users
say it's spam), or just straight averaging. 
3) Systems admins can train directly on the system database to provide
feedback as to whether the system is, in fact, spam or not.  I would also
have some kind of whitelist/blacklist built in 
4) incoming mail is checked against both the user and the system database,
and scored against each, to get two scores a user score (u-score) and a
system score (s-score).   Then you can apply both scores:

		u-score > 90% or s-score > 90% ==> spam
		u-score < 15% or s-score < 15% ==> ham

I guess it would take some kind of analysis to determine the best averaging
process.  This means that you end up with hundreds of people training the


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> BTW, are there plans to develop server-side spambayes?                
> (Apologies if this is a FAQ.) I know that it can eclipse what         
> we are currently using on our Exchange server :-)                     

This is a FAQ, and does lend weight to TimS's suggestion that we need a list
of answers for FAQs :)

I have no experience with using spambayes in a server type situation, but
from reading the messages on the list, I believe that this can be done now,
to a certain extent. The real question is how you want training to be done -
does the admin do it? Does everyone contribute? Do you want users to have a
shared definition of spam, or individual?

=Tony Meyer

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