[Spambayes] [ spambayes-Feature Requests-695059 ] wildcard support for mboxtrain

Toby Dickenson tdickenson at devmail.geminidataloggers.co.uk
Fri Mar 21 09:33:12 EST 2003

On Friday 21 March 2003 1:49 am, SourceForge.net wrote:

It sounds like you are aiming the same direction as me.

> it would be very helpful if mboxtrain would accept
> wildcards for mail folder identification.  yes, i could
> have 40 command line params, but that adds a YAM (Yet
> Another Maintenance) task to make sure that the folders
> match the command line parameters.

I am currently using a script that extracts all my mail folder names from a 
kmail configuration file, then builds up a long hammie command line and 
executes it. (Im happy to contribute this if anyone is interested)

This is working well for me. 

Every day I perform a full train unsing hammie, not mboxtrains incremental 
approach. This means I can use the mail reader to expire old messages, and 
have them removed from the spambayes database.

> and not have the ham process read the spam folder
>(since it is likely that there will be only 1 spam
> folder and multiple ham folders). 

I started with one folder, but am now using two. Filters put new spam in a 
spam folder, and at the end of the week I review it for hams, and move all 
the spams into a spam/archive folder.

> i suppose you could
> just hard code the ham flag parser to ignore folders
> named 'spam' but that would kinda be horky...

I assume that any folder named spam and its subfolders contain spam.

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