[Spambayes] Getting a mbox file from Outlook Express

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Fri Mar 21 08:45:49 EST 2003

3/21/2003 7:32:49 AM, Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions 
<tim at fourstonesExpressions.com> wrote:

>>But I can't find a way of getting OE to save a mbox
>>file. Is there a way?
>You're sore out of luck on that one, dude.

Well, it appears as if I've spoken a bit too soon on this one.  I did some 
digging, and found a program called MailNavigator 
(http://www.mailnavigator.com/mailnavigator.html), that can read OE mailboxes 
and export them as an mbox.  I've downloaded it, tried it, and it works. 

When you start it up, do File->Load External Mailbox...  Point the browser 
window at the OE inbox.dbx file, normally in Documents and Settings
\currentuser\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{bunchaglorp}
\Microsoft\Outlook Express.  You should see your inbox (or whatever folder you 
loaded) contents in MailNavigator.  Then do Message->Select All, then 
Message->Save As... pick a file name and location, and select file type 
RFC822-text file... et voila, you have an mbox!

c'est moi - TimS

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