[Spambayes] Getting a mbox file from Outlook Express

Francois Granger francois.granger at free.fr
Sat Mar 22 14:20:54 EST 2003

At 11:43 +0000 22/03/2003, in message Re: [Spambayes] Getting a mbox 
file from Outlook Expres, David Leftley wrote:
>On Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:13:04 -0000, "Moore, Paul"
><Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com> wrote:
>>I'm trying to get a friend set up with Spambayes using Outlook
>>Express. To get some initial training sorted, it would be nice to
>>get a mbox file of some of his existing messages which he could
>>train on. But I can't find a way of getting OE to save a mbox
>>file. Is there a way? Any OE victims around here...?
>Possibly the simplest way to approach this is to install a copy of
>Eudora, and tell it to import the messages from OE. I believe Eudora
>uses standard mbox files for its storage.

Not exactly standard because it extract the enclosures.

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